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Nutriferon ; Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Our bodies are under assault on a daily basis. Germs on surfaces we touch, and pollutants in the air seep into our systems through our skin and by the simple act of breathing. Then comes allergy season and all the joys that go along with it. NutriFeron has special plant extracts that encourage our bodies natural defenses and helps balance our immune response.

Dr. Kojima, a world-renowned immunologist, discovered interferon in 1954. Interferon is essential to the immune system and helps protect from daily exposure to environmental irritants and airborne pollutants. It tells your body’s immune system to get into gear by signaling immune cells to respond. He spent years researching nature for a natural way to boost interferon production and activity.

MACH® is the answer he found. A patented blend of interferon-boosting plant extracts, MACH® includes pumpkinseed extract, safflower flower extract, Asian Plantain seed extract and Japenese Honeysuckle flower extract. These plant and flower extracts combine to give your body the boost it needs. Four clinical studies have been published that confirm the extraordinary immune-supporting benefits of this blend proving it bolsters at the cellular level.*

Pumpkinseed extract, Safflower flower extract, Asian Plantain seed extract and Japenese Honeysuckle flower extract.
This formula is so special it has 3 patents. Not only that, but it is made with the highest quality ingredients that can be found and is tested for purity, potency and performance. Only NutriFeron has the insight, knowledge and expertise of Dr. Kojima designed into our formula, no other immune booster has that kind of backing.

Natural, safe and effective Shaklee’s immune booster formula ensures that interferon is playing it’s role in keeping you healthy, all it needs is to be given the right support. That means diet, exercise, the right amount of sleep and wise use of supplements can work together to be a great immune booster. Boosting the immune system naturally can allow your body to fight off infectious agents.

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